The Only Real Big 36er Bike


DirtySixer Bikes USA

The only big 36er bike designed, engineered -and hand fabricated in California- from the ground up for tall riders, by tall riders.

Building a community of tall riders on big DirtySixer bicycles!

DirtySixer is the only bicycle endorsed by the

NBRPA (National Basketball Retired Player Association)


Pricing on complete DirtySixer All Road as following:

Single Speed: $4,499
11-Speed Shimano: $5,599
14-Speed Rohloff: $6,899
Prices do not include sales tax in California or shipping fees (we ship worldwide).

All DirtySixer bikes delivered with 6 extra spokes and 2 extra inner tubes.

Small batch production sizing:

S: 6’3” or 190cm up to 6’7” or 200cm

M: 6’7” or 200cm up to 6’11” or 210cm

L:6’11” or 210cm and up 7’3” or 220cm

Taller than 7’4” or 223cm? No problem we have Custom Sizing*

NB: sizing is not set in stone, and depend on your body proportions and usage. Ask us.

*Custom sizing available for a $1,200 upcharge.


Big and Tall Bikes | Science in the City

From the Exploratorium feature: "Height confers advantages in many sports, to a point. But what if you’re too tall to even safely fit on a bicycle? Bike builder David Folch shares both the engineering challenges and the joy of creating super-sized bikes for super-sized riders."