DirtySixer Bikes – Tall Bikes for Tall People

The DirtySixer is the Only 36 inch-Wheel Bicycle Custom Handmade

for Tall People by Tall People.

If you’re serious about your safety, your health and having fun.

DirtySixer is the only bicycle endorsed by the

NBRPA (National Basketball Retired Player Association).


The DirtySixer is the ultimate, high quality handmade titanium and steel bicycle with perfect proportions for tall and very tall riders. All components (handlebars, cranks, discs brakes etc.) are oversized and tailored to the very own measurements of each tall customer.

DirtySixer. The only Big Bicycle Brand for Tall Riders.

For serious riders only.

Taking orders now, delivery time: around 4 months.

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A video to shows how a DirtySixer can be used:

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On Youtube


The Steel DirtySixer in the road/touring version, on Frenchman Street, at the 2014 NBA All Star Weekend in New Orleans.

5’10” rider Jean-Michel with a 26er bike and 6’10” rider Ben with the Titanium DirtySixer at the Sea Otter Classic 2013.


6’10” rider Ben L. racing the Titanium DirtySixer at the Sea Otter Classic 2013.


The Titanium DirtySixer in Golden Gate Parc, San Francisco.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”