Why DirtySixer USA is the only solution

  • The DirtySixer is the ONLY real big 32er & 36er bicycle designed, engineered and hand fabricated here in the USA, to the height, proportions and needs of the tall riders.
  • The DirtySixer bikes are way bigger than any other bike (even custom made)! For better understanding, we adopted the usual sizing: DirtySixer bikes from XXXL (3XL) to XXXXXL (5XL) for riders from 6’5″ (195cm) to 7’4″ (223cm).
  • The DirtySixer uses custom hand built 32 & 36-inch wheels creating a strong, durable and proportionate bicycle.
  • The DirtySixer has a better frame design than any other bicycles made for tall. By scaling up the entire equation frame+wheels we get much more than just the correct tube angles and a great looking bicycle: it’s stronger and safer.
  • The DirtySixer offers a superior stability achieved thanks to more momentum, bigger contact patch, longer wheelbase, better weight distribution, relaxed geometry and easy handling.
  • The DirtySixer uses bigger 32″ & 36″ wheels to roll over any obstacle and offer a better overall comfort thanks to a lower angle of attack, thanks to the bigger outer diameter of our wheels and to the additional air volume.
  • The DirtySixer is stronger because of his bigger tubing diameter all around, wider hubs laced with 36 spokes, wider rims, big thru axle for safe tracking and durability.
  • The DirtySixer uses longer cranks (in proportion of the rider’s inseam) for better efficiency without fearing for pedal strike: bigger wheels and frame design allow a safe bottom-bracket height. From 180mm up to 210mm cranks.
  • The DirtySixer offers better ergonomics: comfortable rider’s position, bigger pedals, wider saddle and soon bigger custom handlebars tubing for our big hands. Adapted ergonomics means less pain in the knees, hips, back, shoulder and neck.
  • The DirtySixer uses the biggest headtube and headset available to create the strongest front end (fork) to endure the abuse of the tallest and heaviest riders.
  • The DirtySixer uses the widest gear range available: be it with a conventional wide-range cassette/derailleur or with a Rohloff 14-speed, we emphasize the biggest span between lowest and highest gear and the simplicity of one shifter.
  • The DirtySixer is a practical all-purpose and all-roads bicycle that can be used as a road bike, city bike, touring bike, trail bike, mountain bike, cross bike, gravel bike, cruiser bike etc.
  • The DirtySixer can be fitted with our own custom rear rack to use regular panniers, and upon request can be fitted with lights, custom frame bags, isolation seatpost, dropper seatpost, leather or silicon saddle etc…
  • The DirtySixer can be customized to your own riding style with almost any features you can dream of.
  • Future DirtySixer models will get belt drive, mid-drive electric assist etc.
  • The production DirtySixer 36er comes in 3 big sizes: XXXL (3XL) for riders from 6’5″ or 195cm up to 6’9″ or 205cm, XXXXL (4XL) for riders from 6’9″ or 205cm up to 7’1″ or 215cm and XXXXXL (5XL) for riders from 7’1″ or 215cm and up to 7’4″ or 223cm.
  • Soon we will offer fully custom DirtySixer 36er built to your own measurements, but we cannot make one if you’re under 6’1″. Why? Because we would have to alter dramatically the geometry and fit to accommodate the rider’s size and the handling will suffer.
  • DirtySixer does not consider the weight numbers to be relevant for us tall and our heavy riders. Let’s just put it that way: the DirtySixer weight is the result of building a safe and sturdy frame that will last in time. Sure we could build the DirtySixer way lighter but it will cost 4 times more and would likely last 10 times less.
  • The DirtySixer is built to last a lifetime and we warranty them (3 years for the fork and 1 year for the frame on first owner).

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