DirtySixer Bike User’s Manual, MRP Groove Fork’s Manual in PDF & Rohloff Registration Link

Putting the DirtySixer User’s Manual out here so customers and curious future customers can have a look at it. Or a first read. Or read it again, it’s full of good advice. This is the 4th revised version, see link below to download the PDF:

DirtySixer Bikes User Manual v1.04 

Also for customers who owns a DirtySixer with the Rohloff 14-speed internal geared hub, now there is a link to register your hub for warranty and in case of theft:

Rohloff link to Register your hub

For customers with the MTB DirtySixer, here is the link to the MRP Groove user’s manual with service intervals. Quick reminder that your fork need to be serviced often. See below link to download the PDF:



DirtySixer: Making tall people happy riding since 2013!




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