DirtySixer video with San Francisco Exploratorium

To popular demand, I’m adding back the video the San Francisco Exploratorium did with DirtySixer back in the summer 2015. It has a bunch of info in it, that will help tall people and future customer understand the genesis of the DirtySixer bikes, the only big and proportionate bicycle specifically designed and fabricated for us tall and very tall. 

SF Exploratorium video: Click here!

DirtySixer and SF Exploratorium
Pearl Tesler, Writer for the San Francisco Exploratorium is 5’2″ and wanted to test ride the DirtySixer. She did an amazing job riding the DirtySixer even if the bike is made for a rider about two feet taller! 

This video also explains how I became the expert in making big bicycles.  From my former job as a journalist (writer and photographer) doing international features about custom cars and motorcycles to learning bicycle design, geometry tricks from my fellow bicycle builders and engineers, and finally doing UBI school (United Bicycle Institute in Ashland) to learn fabrication from cutting to welding titanium tubes! What the video don’t show is the starting of the limited production with the help of local frame builder Ventana Bikes for the exclusive batches we do every year. 

DirtySixer: We make tall people happy riding the big bikes we deserve!




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