Not All 36ers are made for tall riders!

DirtySixer isn’t the only bicycle maker blazing the 36” wheel frontier. Coker started it all with the Monster Cruiser (see pic of my silly face riding it at the bottom) but soon revisited by Keener, Jeffson, Kaos, Stoic, Milltown, PIM Cycles, Waltworks, BlackSheep, even students at the University of Iowa crafted a beautiful 36er tandem out of titanium.

NAHBS 2012

This beautiful titanium BlackSheep 36er was built by Todd Heath (he’s around 5’8”) for himself. It does not work for someone like myself at  6’6″!

But DirtySixer remains the ONLY company making 36” wheel bikes specifically for extra tall riders. The others realize the advantages giant wheels bring, but DirtySixer sees the 36” wheel as a necessity to make big bikes that fit tall riders perfectly. Why not go the same way other custom bike companies out there that focus on bikes for tall riders using 29er or 700c wheels? In our opinion of tall builders, that just doesn’t work for our really tall riders (we mean really tall, over 6’6”). One look at one of those extra tall frames on “normal” sized wheels and you know something isn’t right. With an almost 70cm seatpost and 700c wheels, these look like BMX or folding bikes with drop bars. The wheels aren’t big enough to fit with everything else.


The Coker Monster Cruiser here and 6’6″ rider (with wrong seat post height). Something’s just not right here…

The right size bike is when everything is in proportion to fit the rider, whatever the body size. Not only visually, but when all structural elements, geometry and components work together. This is DirtySixer’s primary goal: to make bikes perfectly proportioned for really tall riders. Every contact point is considered when designing a custom DirtySixer. We use large-diameter tubing for our optional handlebars which are better for big hands. We use super-long crankarms to allow those with inseams as long (or longer) as our wheels to maximize power and efficiency. And where you put your butt… Well, we’ll leave saddle choice up to you between custom saddle or big leather over springs. But we use the biggest diameter seatposts for maximum strength and minimum flex.

Building a super-large frame is nothing new. But only with 36” wheels does that frame and fork start to work as a whole. The longer wheelbase means supreme stability and confidence on any terrain. Hand-selected oversized tubing will support a big, heavy, tall rider for years and years and years. Any aspect of a DirtySixer bike can be uniquely configured to the size and preferences of our tall customers, so long as it rolls on 36” wheels.

So not all 36er bikes are made for tall people. And not all bikes for tall people are 36ers. DirtySixer realized this and set out on a mission: to make the only bike in the world built from the wheels up to fit tall people perfectly.

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